1                         ============================
   2                         LINUX KERNEL MEMORY BARRIERS
   3                         ============================
   5By: David Howells <>
   6    Paul E. McKenney <>
  10 (*) Abstract memory access model.
  12     - Device operations.
  13     - Guarantees.
  15 (*) What are memory barriers?
  17     - Varieties of memory barrier.
  18     - What may not be assumed about memory barriers?
  19     - Data dependency barriers.
  20     - Control dependencies.
  21     - SMP barrier pairing.
  22     - Examples of memory barrier sequences.
  23     - Read memory barriers vs load speculation.
  24     - Transitivity
  26 (*) Explicit kernel barriers.
  28     - Compiler barrier.
  29     - CPU memory barriers.
  30     - MMIO write barrier.
  32 (*) Implicit kernel memory barriers.
  34     - Locking functions.
  35     - Interrupt disabling functions.
  36     - Sleep and wake-up functions.
  37     - Miscellaneous functions.
  39 (*) Inter-CPU locking barrier effects.
  41     - Locks vs memory accesses.
  42     - Locks vs I/O accesses.
  44 (*) Where are memory barriers needed?
  46     - Interprocessor interaction.
  47     - Atomic operations.
  48     - Accessing devices.
  49     - Interrupts.
  51 (*) Kernel I/O barrier effects.
  53 (*) Assumed minimum execution ordering model.
  55 (*) The effects of the cpu cache.
  57     - Cache coherency.
  58     - Cache coherency vs DMA.
  59     - Cache coherency vs MMIO.
  61 (*) The things CPUs get up to.
  63     - And then there's the Alpha.
  65 (*) Example uses.
  67     - Circular buffers.
  69 (*) References.
  76Consider the following abstract model of the system:
  78                            :                :
  79                            :                :
  80                            :                :
  81                +-------+   :   +--------+   :   +-------+
  82                |       |   :   |        |   :   |       |
  83                |       |   :   |        |   :   |       |
  84                | CPU 1 |<----->| Memory |<----->| CPU 2 |
  85                |       |   :   |        |   :   |       |
  86                |       |   :   |        |   :   |       |
  87                +-------+   :   +--------+   :   +-------+
  88                    ^       :       ^        :       ^
  89                    |       :       |        :       |
  90                    |       :       |        :       |
  91                    |       :       v        :       |
  92                    |       :   +--------+   :       |
  93                    |       :   |        |   :       |
  94                    |       :   |        |   :       |
  95                    +---------->| Device |<----------+
  96                            :   |        |   :
  97                            :   |        |   :
  98                            :   +--------+   :
  99                            :                :
 101Each CPU executes a program that generates memory access operations.  In the
 102abstract CPU, memory operation ordering is very relaxed, and a CPU may actually
 103perform the memory operations in any order it likes, provided program causality
 104appears to be maintained.  Similarly, the compiler may also arrange the
 105instructions it emits in any order it likes, provided it doesn't affect the
 106apparent operation of the program.
 108So in the above diagram, the effects of the memory operations performed by a
 109CPU are perceived by the rest of the system as the operations cross the
 110interface between the CPU and rest of the system (the dotted lines).
 113For example, consider the following sequence of events:
 115        CPU 1           CPU 2
 116        =============== ===============
 117        { A == 1; B == 2 }
 118        A = 3;          x = A;
 119        B = 4;          y = B;
 121The set of accesses as seen by the memory system in the middle can be arranged
 122in 24 different combinations:
 124        STORE A=3,      STORE B=4,      x=LOAD A->3,    y=LOAD B->4
 125        STORE A=3,      STORE B=4,      y=LOAD B->4,    x=LOAD A->3
 126        STORE A=3,      x=LOAD A->3,    STORE B=4,      y=LOAD B->4
 127        STORE A=3,      x=LOAD A->3,    y=LOAD B->2,    STORE B=4
 128        STORE A=3,      y=LOAD B->2,    STORE B=4,      x=LOAD A->3
 129        STORE A=3,      y=LOAD B->2,    x=LOAD A->3,    STORE B=4
 130        STORE B=4,      STORE A=3,      x=LOAD A->3,    y=LOAD B->4
 131        STORE B=4, ...
 132        ...
 134and can thus result in four different combinations of values:
 136        x == 1, y == 2
 137        x == 1, y == 4
 138        x == 3, y == 2
 139        x == 3, y == 4
 142Furthermore, the stores committed by a CPU to the memory system may not be
 143perceived by the loads made by another CPU in the same order as the stores were
 147As a further example, consider this sequence of events:
 149        CPU 1           CPU 2
 150        =============== ===============
 151        { A == 1, B == 2, C = 3, P == &A, Q == &C }
 152        B = 4;          Q = P;
 153        P = &B          D = *Q;
 155There is an obvious data dependency here, as the value loaded into D depends on
 156the address retrieved from P by CPU 2.  At the end of the sequence, any of the
 157following results are possible:
 159        (Q == &A) and (D == 1)
 160        (Q == &B) and (D == 2)
 161        (Q == &B) and (D == 4)
 163Note that CPU 2 will never try and load C into D because the CPU will load P
 164into Q before issuing the load of *Q.
 170Some devices present their control interfaces as collections of memory
 171locations, but the order in which the control registers are accessed is very
 172important.  For instance, imagine an ethernet card with a set of internal
 173registers that are accessed through an address port register (A) and a data
 174port register (D).  To read internal register 5, the following code might then
 175be used:
 177        *A = 5;
 178        x = *D;
 180but this might show up as either of the following two sequences:
 182        STORE *A = 5, x = LOAD *D
 183        x = LOAD *D, STORE *A = 5
 185the second of which will almost certainly result in a malfunction, since it set
 186the address _after_ attempting to read the register.
 192There are some minimal guarantees that may be expected of a CPU:
 194 (*) On any given CPU, dependent memory accesses will be issued in order, with
 195     respect to itself.  This means that for:
 197        Q = P; D = *Q;
 199     the CPU will issue the following memory operations:
 201        Q = LOAD P, D = LOAD *Q
 203     and always in that order.
 205 (*) Overlapping loads and stores within a particular CPU will appear to be
 206     ordered within that CPU.  This means that for:
 208        a = *X; *X = b;
 210     the CPU will only issue the following sequence of memory operations:
 212        a = LOAD *X, STORE *X = b
 214     And for:
 216        *X = c; d = *X;
 218     the CPU will only issue:
 220        STORE *X = c, d = LOAD *X
 222     (Loads and stores overlap if they are targeted at overlapping pieces of
 223     memory).
 225And there are a number of things that _must_ or _must_not_ be assumed:
 227 (*) It _must_not_ be assumed that independent loads and stores will be issued
 228     in the order given.  This means that for:
 230        X = *A; Y = *B; *D = Z;
 232     we may get any of the following sequences:
 234        X = LOAD *A,  Y = LOAD *B,  STORE *D = Z
 235        X = LOAD *A,  STORE *D = Z, Y = LOAD *B
 236        Y = LOAD *B,  X = LOAD *A,  STORE *D = Z
 237        Y = LOAD *B,  STORE *D = Z, X = LOAD *A
 238        STORE *D = Z, X = LOAD *A,  Y = LOAD *B
 239        STORE *D = Z, Y = LOAD *B,  X = LOAD *A
 241 (*) It _must_ be assumed that overlapping memory accesses may be merged or
 242     discarded.  This means that for:
 244        X = *A; Y = *(A + 4);
 246     we may get any one of the following sequences:
 248        X = LOAD *A; Y = LOAD *(A + 4);
 249        Y = LOAD *(A + 4); X = LOAD *A;
 250        {X, Y} = LOAD {*A, *(A + 4) };
 252     And for:
 254        *A = X; *(A + 4) = Y;
 256     we may get any of:
 258        STORE *A = X; STORE *(A + 4) = Y;
 259        STORE *(A + 4) = Y; STORE *A = X;
 260        STORE {*A, *(A + 4) } = {X, Y};
 267As can be seen above, independent memory operations are effectively performed
 268in random order, but this can be a problem for CPU-CPU interaction and for I/O.
 269What is required is some way of intervening to instruct the compiler and the
 270CPU to restrict the order.
 272Memory barriers are such interventions.  They impose a perceived partial
 273ordering over the memory operations on either side of the barrier.
 275Such enforcement is important because the CPUs and other devices in a system
 276can use a variety of tricks to improve performance, including reordering,
 277deferral and combination of memory operations; speculative loads; speculative
 278branch prediction and various types of caching.  Memory barriers are used to
 279override or suppress these tricks, allowing the code to sanely control the
 280interaction of multiple CPUs and/or devices.
 286Memory barriers come in four basic varieties:
 288 (1) Write (or store) memory barriers.
 290     A write memory barrier gives a guarantee that all the STORE operations
 291     specified before the barrier will appear to happen before all the STORE
 292     operations specified after the barrier with respect to the other
 293     components of the system.
 295     A write barrier is a partial ordering on stores only; it is not required
 296     to have any effect on loads.
 298     A CPU can be viewed as committing a sequence of store operations to the
 299     memory system as time progresses.  All stores before a write barrier will
 300     occur in the sequence _before_ all the stores after the write barrier.
 30 *D
 302     [!] Note that write barriers should normally be paired with read or data
 303     dependency barriers; see the "SMP barrier pairing" subsection.
 306 (2) Data dependency barriers.
 308     A data dependency barrier is a weaker form of read barrier.  In the case
 309     where two loads are performed such that the second depends on the result
 310     of the first (eg: the first load retrieves the address to which the second
 311     load will be directed), a data dependency barrier would be required to
 312     make sure that the target of the second load is updated before the address
 313     obtained by the first load is accessed.
 315     A data dependency barrier is a partial ordering on interdependent loads
 316     only; it is not required to have any effect on stores, independent loads
 317     or overlapping loads.
 319     As mentioned in (1), the other CPUs in the system can be viewed as
 320     committing sequences of stores to the memory system that the CPU being
 321     considered can then perceive.  A data dependency barrier issued by the CPU
 322     under consideration guarantees that for any load preceding it, if that
 323     load touches one of a sequence of stores from another CPU, then by the
 324     time the barrier completes, the effects of all the stores prior to that
 325     touched by the load will be perceptible to any loads issued after the data
 326     dependency barrier.
 328     See the "Examples of memory barrier sequences" subsection for diagrams
 329     showing the ordering constraints.
 331     [!] Note that the first load really has to have a _data_ dependency and
 332     not a control dependency.  If the address for the second load is dependent
 333     on the first load, but the dependency is through a conditional rather than
 334     actually loading the address itself, then it's a _control_ dependency and
 335     a full read barrier or better is required.  See the "Control dependencies"
 336     subsection for more information.
 338     [!] Note that data dependency barriers should normally be paired with
 339     write barriers; see the "SMP barrier pairing" subsection.
 342 (3) Read (or load) memory barriers.
 344     A read barrier is a data dependency barrier plus a guarantee that all the
 345     LOAD operations specified before the barrier will appear to happen before
 346     all the LOAD operations specified after the barrier with respect to the
 347     other components of the system.
 349     A read barrier is a partial ordering on loads only; it is not required to
 350     have any effect on stores.
 352     Read memory barriers imply data dependency barriers, and so can substitute
 353     for them.
 355     [!] Note that read barriers should normally be paired with write barriers;
 356     see the "SMP barrier pairing" subsection.
 359 (4) General memory barriers.
 361     A general memory barrier gives a guarantee that all the LOAD and STORE
 362     operations specified before the barrier will appear to happen before all
 363     the LOAD and STORE operations specified after the barrier with respect to
 364     the other components of the system.
 366     A general memory barrier is a partial ordering over both loads and stores.
 368     General memory barriers imply both read and write memory barriers, and so
 369     can substitute for either.
 372And a couple of implicit varieties:
 374 (5) LOCK operations.
 376     This acts as a one-way permeable barrier.  It guarantees that all memory
 377     operations after the LOCK operation will appear to happen after the LOCK
 378     operation with respect to the other components of the system.
 380     Memory operations that occur before a LOCK operation may appear to happen
 383     A LOCK operation should almost always be paired with an UNLOCK operation.
 386 (6) UNLOCK operations.
 388     This also acts as a one-way permeable barrier.  It guarantees that all
 389     memory operations before the UNLOCK operation will appear to happen before
 390     the UNLOCK operation with respect to the other components of the system.
 392     Memory operations that occur after an UNLOCK operation may appear to
 393     happen before it completes.
 395     LOCK and UNLOCK operations are guaranteed to appear with respect to each
 396     other strictly in the order specified.
 398     The use of LOCK and UNLOCK operations generally precludes the need for
 399     other sorts of memory barrier (but note the exceptions mentioned in the
 400     subsection "MMIO write barrier").
 40 *D
 403Memory barriers are only required where there's a possibility of interaction
 404between two CPUs or between a CPU and a device.  If it can be guaranteed that
 405there won't be any such interaction in any particular piece of code, then
 406memory barriers are unnecessary in that piece of code.
 409Note that these are the _minimum_ guarantees.  Different architectures may give
 410more substantial guarantees, but they may _not_ be relied upon outside of arch
 411specific code.
 417There are certain things that the Linux kernel memory barriers do not guarantee:
 419 (*) There is no guarantee that any of the memory accesses specified before a
 420     memory barrier will be _complete_ by the completion of a memory barrier
 421     instruction; the barrier can be considered to draw a line in that CPU's
 422     access queue that accesses of the appropriate type may not cross.
 424 (*) There is no guarantee that issuing a memory barrier on one CPU will have
 425     any direct effect on another CPU or any other hardware in the system.  The
 426     indirect effect will be the order in which the second CPU sees the effects
 427     of the first CPU's accesses occur, but see the next point:
 429 (*) There is no guarantee that a CPU will see the correct order of effects
 430     from a second CPU's accesses, even _if_ the second CPU uses a memory
 431     barrier, unless the first CPU _also_ uses a matching memory barrier (see
 432     the subsection on "SMP Barrier Pairing").
 434 (*) There is no guarantee that some intervening piece of off-the-CPU
 435     hardware[*] will not reorder the memory accesses.  CPU cache coherency
 436     mechanisms should propagate the indirect effects of a memory barrier
 437     between CPUs, but might not do so in order.
 439        [*] For information on bus mastering DMA and coherency please read:
 441            Documentation/PCI/pci.txt
 442            Documentation/DMA-API-HOWTO.txt
 443            Documentation/DMA-API.txt
 449The usage requirements of data dependency barriers are a little subtle, and
 450it's not always obvious that they're needed.  To illustrate, consider the
 451following sequence of events:
 453        CPU 1           CPU 2
 454        =============== ===============
 455        { A == 1, B == 2, C = 3, P == &A, Q == &C }
 456        B = 4;
 457        <write barrier>
 458        P = &B
 459                        Q = P;
 460                        D = *Q;
 462There's a clear data dependency here, and it would seem that by the end of the
 463sequence, Q must be either &A or &B, and that:
 465        (Q == &A) implies (D == 1)
 466        (Q == &B) implies (D == 4)
 468But!  CPU 2's perception of P may be updated _before_ its perception of B, thus
 469leading to the following situation:
 471        (Q == &B) and (D == 2) ????
 473Whilst this may seem like a failure of coherency or causality maintenance, it
 474isn't, and this behaviour can be observed on certain real CPUs (such as the DEC
 477To deal with this, a data dependency barrier or better must be inserted
 478between the address load and the data load:
 480        CPU 1           CPU 2
 482        { A == 1, B == 2, C = 3, P == &A, Q == &C }
 483        B = 4;
 484        <write barrier>
 485        P = &B
 486                        Q = P;
 487                        <data dependency barrier>
 488                        D = *Q;
 490This enforces the occurrence of one of the two implications, and prevents the
 491third possibility from arising.
 493[!] Note that this extremely counterintuitive situation arises most easily on
 494machines with split caches, so that, for example, one cache bank processes
 495even-numbered cache lines and the other bank processes odd-numbered cache
 496lines.  The pointer P might be stored in an odd-numbered cache line, and the
 497variable B might be stored in an even-numbered cache line.  Then, if the
 498even-numbered bank of the reading CPU's cache is extremely busy while the
 499odd-numbered bank is idle, one can see the new value of the pointer P (&B),
 500but the old value of the variable B (2).
 50 *D
 503Another example of where data dependency barriers might by required is where a
 504number is read from memory and then used to calculate the index for an array
 507        CPU 1           CPU 2
 508        =============== ===============
 509        { M[0] == 1, M[1] == 2, M[3] = 3, P == 0, Q == 3 }
 510        M[1] = 4;
 511        <write barrier>
 512        P = 1
 513                        Q = P;
 514                        <data dependency barrier>
 515                        D = M[Q];
 518The data dependency barrier is very important to the RCU system, for example.
 519See rcu_dereference() in include/linux/rcupdate.h.  This permits the current
 520target of an RCU'd pointer to be replaced with a new modified target, without
 521the replacement target appearing to be incompletely initialised.
 523See also the subsection on "Cache Coherency" for a more thorough example.
 529A control dependency requires a full read memory barrier, not simply a data
 530dependency barrier to make it work correctly.  Consider the following bit of
 533        q = &a;
 534        if (p)
 535                q = &b;
 536        <data dependency barrier>
 537        x = *q;
 539This will not have the desired effect because there is no actual data
 540dependency, but rather a control dependency that the CPU may short-circuit by
 541attempting to predict the outcome in advance.  In such a case what's actually
 542required is:
 544        q = &a;
 545        if (p)
 546                q = &b;
 547        <read barrier>
 548        x = *q;
 554When dealing with CPU-CPU interactions, certain types of memory barrier should
 555always be paired.  A lack of appropriate pairing is almost certainly an error.
 557A write barrier should always be paired with a data dependency barrier or read
 558barrier, though a general barrier would also be viable.  Similarly a read
 559barrier or a data dependency barrier should always be paired with at least an
 560write barrier, though, again, a general barrier is viable:
 562        CPU 1           CPU 2
 563        =============== ===============
 564        a = 1;
 565        <write barrier>
 566        b = 2;          x = b;
 567                        <read barrier>
 568                        y = a;
 572        CPU 1           CPU 2
 573        =============== ===============================
 574        a = 1;
 575        <write barrier>
 576        b = &a;         x = b;
 577                        <data dependency barrier>
 578                        y = *x;
 580Basically, the read barrier always has to be there, even though it can be of
 583[!] Note that the stores before the write barrier would normally be expected to
 584match the loads after the read barrier or the data dependency barrier, and vice
 587        CPU 1                           CPU 2
 588        ===============                 ===============
 589        a = 1;           }----   --->{  v = c
 590        b = 2;           }    \ /    {  w = d
 591        <write barrier>        \        <read barrier>
 592        c = 3;           }    / \    {  x = a;
 593        d = 4;           }----   --->{  y = b;
 595A == 1, B == 2, C = 3, P == &A, Q = class="line" name="L594"> 594

 503Another examp6e of 60 573        ==mory-barriers.txt#L503" id="L503" class="line6 3ame="L563riers.txt#L594" id="L596y-bar60 class="line" name="L574"> 5       }----   --->{  v = c
 507        CPU 16     606<write ba class483        P = &B
 50 classtati4="Documentation/memory-barriers.txt#L459" id=6r9iers.tx6#href="Documentation/mem6 id="6510" class="li classEati5="Documentation/memory-barriers.txt#L459" id=6511" clas6="line" name="L511"> 5116/a>  61a href="Documentation/memory-barriers.txt#L552" id6#L512" id6"L512" class="line" name6"L5126> 512 43674"> 474t effect497"> 49> 36f="Documentation/memory-barriers.txt#L552" id6#name="L56ne" name="L513"> 5136     6       id="L584lastocumentation/m/a>numbng to> 49"Documeun9> 36e/a>stocum{a classAvariable B (2).
 514 classr,a class48} afteclass=ocume"line" namun9> 36e/a>stocum{a classD,a classEariable B (2).
 518The data depe6dency61 458     |a>     |a>     +tion/m+emory-barriers.txt#L472" id="L472" clasIn/mem6 riers.tx6ref="Documentation/memor6-barr618458     |a>     |tion/mhref| C=3  |a>      d  /\emory-barriers.txt#L472" id="L472" clasIn/mem6 9iers.tx6ef="Documentation/memory6barri619458     |a>     |a>:    +tion/m+/a>
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 523See also the 6ubsec622458     |a8"> 58|a>:    | B=2  |a>    read barrier or the data dependency barrier, 6,#L514" i6.
 584read barrier or the data dependency barrier, 6,txt#L51666"> 526CONTROL DEPEN6ENCIE625458     |a>     |a>     +tion/m+a>    /a>     ="line" na> 43 classpriorhe ="L4read barrier or the data dependency barrier, 6,name="L56ass="line" name="L527"> 627     |a>     |a>:    | E=5  |a>      d     L531" classname=mmitr thbtion with respect to the other components of the s6="L528" c6ass="line" name="L528"> 628     |a>     |a>:    +tion/m+/a>
     fur7"> 397oal guarat"linlass=with respect to the other components of the s6=riers.tx69"> 529A control dep6ndenc628458     |a>     |tion/mhref| D=4  |a>    read barrier or the data dependency barrier, 6,9iers.tx6f="Documentation/memory-6arrie629458     |a>     |a>     +tion/m+read barrier or the data dependency barrier, 6t of
 442                |emory-barriers.txt#L472" id="L472" clasIn/mem6lname="L563"> 533        q = &6mp;a;63" name="L443"> 44               | S="DocumeL427"> 4297oal g418" ommitr the ="L4emory-barriers.txt#L472" id="L472" clasIn/mem6l#L514" i6ss="line" name="L534"> 56463> 514                       | 6"> 436tion/m/by    ==mory-barriers.txt#L503" id="L503" class="line6" class="6ine" name="L535"> 535 51111Vmory-barriers.txt#L503" id="L503" class="line6"txt#L5166536" class="line" name="6536">63a h/memory-barriers.txt#L472" id="L472" clasIn/mem6rriers.tx6#L537" id="L537" class="6ine" 63                   CPU 2
 367versa:pearing to be incompletely initialised.
 539This will not6have 6he desid="L31code:
 482        { L574"> 574        a = 1;
6a hre6e" name="L443"> 444444{srrie7; Xrie9; Yrie8;s483<     Y  read barrier or the data dependency barrier, 6 name="L564"> 544        q = &6mp;a;6e="L444"> 444< classA  Q = P;
 56564 <write ba classrrie               ===============
 546        b = &a;         x = b;
646<write ba class483 444444LOAD X  x = b;
       classtati4 443"> 444444LOAD C (ge/meof the   x = b;
 551SMP BARRIER P6IRING6  551",    = guarang to> 49must ion/meon    ===L425"> mory-barriers.txt#L551" id="L551" class="line6 actually6ss="line" name="L552"> 5626------40"> 5> 4lassandom7"> 36, nampite" name="L584"> 584 5636    CPU 2
 554When dealing 6ith C6> 454     +tion/me+rite ba:ite ba:ocumenta> 444444:ocumentemory-barriers.txt#L453" id="L453" class="line6"L545" cl6href="Documentation/memo6y-bar654458     |a>     |a>     +tion/m+                +tion/me+ri| S="Documenta> 520     |a>     |tion/mhref| B=2  | hre-2<<<<<|entang to the foain, a general barrier is viable:
 557A write barri6r sho656458     |a>     |a>:    +tion/m+     /a>        +tion/me+ri|    =               ===============
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 526CON7ROL D7PEN6ENcode:
 588   ==/a>        =               ===============
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      :ocumentemory-barriers.txt#L453" id="L453" c7ass="line7d
 562   7    C7U 16  txt#ng tA9ust ion2  :ocumentemory-barriers.txt#L453" id="L453" c7ass="line7#L563" id6"L563" class="7ine" 76e subsection on "Cache Coherency" for a 7ass="line7#> 4297oal312     |a7     7a>:    +tion/m name="L588"> 588   ==/a>        =               ===============
 5676mo6y-bar65445ass="line" name        { L574"> 574        a = 1;
 516646<writA= classA  Q = P;
        P = &B
        =               ===============
 570Or:7 460 4B        =               ===============
 5717 461<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<        c = 3;           }    / \    {  x = a;
 572   7    C77ef6"Docu63="L442"> 442           3"> 4A        =               ===============
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    |tio    |2   a>      +tio+a>     |a>     |mory-barriers.txt#L503" id="L503" c7ass="line7 name="L587"> 587   7    C78ame="L487"> 487                          /m+   \  |a>      +tion/mea>  55  |a>     |mory-barriers.txt#L503" id="L503" c7tation/me7ory-barriers.txt#L588" i7="L5878 id="L578" class="line" name=================8   ta> 44444 |a>   io+a>     |a>     |mory-barriers.txt#L503" id="L503" c7aarriers.7tation/memory-barriers.t7t#L587 name="L489"> 489
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<7 href="Document#L49"red 7n an 7dd-numb==
 happ"liiL584lacodiead barrier always has to be there, even thou7t#L528" i7
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 588   ==/a>        =               ===============
 574        a = 1;
 44{s444<0,te ba9483<     Y  read barrier or the data dependency8a2s="line8 ory-barriers.txt#L593" 8her e80" class="linet;writA= classA  Q = P;
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 4B        =               ===============
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 514                         i/m+   \  |a>      +tion/mea>  55  |a>     |mory-barriers.txt#L503" id="L503" c8barrier, 8,ray
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 46"L581" ccaus    ="l/a>6--D      on/m+   |a>     |a>   io+a>     |a>     |mory-barriers.txt#L503" id="L503" c8lasIn/mem8line" nam6="L532"> 532
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