.19.3.1/spalue 3.1/formue 3.1a .19.3. href="../linux+v 0.5/Documenta val/sysctl/sunrpc.txt">.19.3.1img src="../.sta vc/gfx/right.png" alt=">>">.11/spalue.11spal class="lxr_search">.19..19.3.1input typ vhidden" nam vnavtarget" > v">.19.3.1input typ vtext" nam vsearch" id vsearch">.19.3.1butt" typ vsubmit">Search.19.3.Prefse 3.1/a>.11/spalue9.3. .1/divue9.3. .1form ac val="ajax+*" method="post" onsubmit="return false;">.11input typ vhidden" nam vajax_lookup" id vajax_lookup" > v">.9.3. .1/formue.9.3. .1div class="headingbott"m">. .11/a>Documenta val for /proc/sys/sunrpc/*3. .kernel versval 2

. .21/a> (c) 1998, 1999, Rik n Riel <> . .31/a>.. .41/a>For general info and legal blurb, please look in README... .51/a>.. .61/a>==============================================================.. .71/a>.. .81/a>This file contains the documenta val for the sysctl files in.. .91/a>/proc/sys/sunrpc and is >id for Linux.kernel versval 2

. optia>.. 111/a>The files in this directory c n be used to (re)set the debug.. 121/a>flags of the SUN Remote.Procedure Call (RPC) subsystem in.. 131/a>the Linux.kernel. This stuff is used for NFS, KNFSD and.. 141/a>maybe a few other things as well .. 151/a>.. 161/a>The files in there are used to control the debugging flags:.. 171/a>rpc_debug, nfs_debug, nfsd_debug and nlm_debug .. 181/a>.. 191/a>These flags are for kernel hackers only. You should read the . 2ptia>source code in net/sunrpc/ for more informa val .. 211/a>LXR community1/a>, this experimental versval by lxr@linux.no1/a>. 1/divue1div class="subfooter" kindly hosted by Redpill Linpro AS1/a>, provider of and opera vals services since 1995. 1/divue 1/bodyue1/htmluee