on v14./spa 14./form 14.a on v14 href="../linux+v3.10.4/Documenta > /video4linux/bttv/Insmod- > s">on v14.img src="../.sta c/gfx/right.png" alt=">>">on./spa class="lxr_search">on v ="+search" method="post" > submit="return do_search(this);">on v14.input typ hidden" nam navtarget" ion> ">on v14.input typ text" nam search" id search">on v14.buttopttyp submit">Searchon v.a href="+prefs?return=Documenta > /video4linux/bttv/Insmod- > s"on v14 onclick="return ajax_prefs();">on v14Prefs 14./a>on./spa v14 4./div v14 4.form ac > ="ajax+*" method="post" > submit="return false;">on.input typ hidden" nam ajax_lookup" id ajax_lookup" ion> ">o v14 4./form o v14 4.div class="headingbottom">
4 41./a>o4 42./a>Note: "modinfo <module>" prints iorious informa  >
 about a kernelo4 43./a>module, among them a complete and up-to-date list of insmod 
s.o4 44./a>This list tends to be outdated because it is updated manually ...o4 45./a>o4 46./a>==========================================================================o4 47./a>o4 48./a>bttv.oo4 49./a>        the bt848/878 (grabber chip) drivero4 .10"a>o4 11./a>        insmod args:o4 12./a>                card=n          card typ
, see CARDLIST for a list.o4 13./a>                tuner=n         tuner typ
, see CARDLIST for a list.o4 14./a>                radio=0/1       card supports radioo4 15./a>                pll=0/1/2       pll settingso4 16./a>                        0: don't use PLLo4 17./a>                        1: 28 MHz crystal installedo4 18./a>                        2: 35 MHz crystal installedo4 19./a>o4 20./a>                tritop1=0/1     for Tritop1 (+others) compa  bilityo4 21./a>                vsfx=0/1        yet another chipset bug compa  bility bito4 22./a>                                see README.quirks for details optthese two.o4 23./a>o4 24./a>                bigendian=n     Set the endianness of the gfx fram
buffer.o4 25./a>                                Default is na  ve endian.o4 26./a>                fieldnr=0/1     Count fields.  Some TV descrambling softwareo4 27./a>                                needs this, for others it only generateso4 28./a>                                50 useless IRQs/sec.  default is 0 (off).o4 29./a>                autoload=0/1    autoload helper modules (tuner, audio).o4 30./a>                                default is 1 (on).o4 31./a>                bttv_verbose=0/1/2  verbose level (at insmod tim
, whileo4 32./a>                                looking at the hardware).  default is 1.o4 33./a>                bttv_d
bug=0/1  d
bug messages (for capture).o4 34./a>                                default is 0 (off).o4 35./a>                irq_d
bug=0/1   irq handler d
bug messages.o4 36./a>                                default is 0 (off).o4 37./a>                gbuffers=2-32   number of capture buffers for mmap'ed capture.o4 38./a>                                default is 4.o4 39./a>                gbufsize=       size of capture buffers. default ando4 40./a>                                maximum ion>
 is 0x208000 (~2MB)o4 41./a>                no_overlay=0    Enable overlay optbroken hardware.  Thereo4 42./a>                                are some chipsets (SIS for example) whicho4 43./a>                                are known to have problems with the PCI DMAo4 44./a>                                push used by bttv.  bttv will disable overlayo4 45./a>                                by default optthis hardware to avoid crashes.o4 46./a>                                With this insmod 
 you can override this.o4 47./a>                no_overlay=1    Disable overlay. It should be used by brokeno4 48./a>                                hardware that doesn't support PCI2PCI directo4 49./a>                                transfers.o4 50./a>                automute=0/1    Automa  cally mutes the sound if ther
 iso4 51./a>                                no TV signal, optby default.  You might tryo4 52./a>                                to disable this if you have bad input signalo4 53./a>                                quality which leading to unwanted soundo4 54./a>                                dropouts.o4 55./a>                chroma_agc=0/1  AGC of chroma signal, offtby default.o4 56./a>                adc_crush=0/1   Luminance ADC crush, optby default.o4 57./a>                i2c_udelay=     Allow reduce I2C speed. Default is 5 usecso4 58./a>                                (meaning 66,67 Kbps). The default is theo4 59./a>                                maximum supported speedtby kernel bitbango4 60./a>                                algorithm. You may use lower numbers, if I2Co4 61./a>                                messages are lost (16 is known to work opo4 62./a>                                all supported cards).o4 63./a>o4 64./a>                bttv_gpio=0/1o4 65./a>                gpiomask=o4 66./a>                audioall=o4 67./a>                audiomux=o4 68./a>                                See Sound-FAQ for a detailed descri	  >
.o4 69./a>o4 70./a>        remap, card, radio and pll accept up to four comma-separated argumentso4 71./a>        (for multiple boards).o4 72./a>o4 73./a>tuner.oo4 74./a>        The tuner driver.  You need this unless you want to use onlyo4 75./a>        with a camera or external tuner ...o4 76./a>o4 77./a>        insmod args:o4 78./a>                d
bug=1         print some d
bug info to the syslogo4 79./a>                typ
 n          typ
 of the tuner chip. n as follows:o4 80./a>                                see CARDLIST for a complete list.o4 81./a>                pal=[bdgil]     select PAL ioriant (used for some tunerso4 82./a>                                only, important for the audio carrier).o4 83./a>o4 84./a>tvaudio.oo4 85./a>        new, experimental module which is supported to provide a singleo4 86./a>        driver for all simple i2c audio control chips (tda/tea*).o4 87./a>o4 88./a>        insmod args:o4 89./a>                tda8425  = 1    enable/disable the support for theo4 90./a>                tda9840  = 1    iorious chips.o4 91./a>                tda9850  = 1    The tea6300 can't be autodetected and iso4 92./a>                tda9855  = 1    ther
fore offtby default, if you haveo4 93./a>                tda9873  = 1    this ope on your card (STB usestthese)o4 94./a>                tda9874a = 1    you have to enable it explicitly.o4 95./a>                tea6300  = 0    The two tda985x chips use the sam
 i2co4 96./a>                tea6420  = 1    address and can't be disturgished fromo4 97./a>                pic16c54 = 1    each other, you might have to disableo4 98./a>                                the wrong ope.o4 99./a>                d
bug = 1       print d
bug messageso41000"a>o4101./a>        insmod args for tda9874a:o4102./a>                tda9874a_SIF=1/2        select sound IF input pin (1 or 2)o4103./a>                                        (default is pin 1)o4104./a>                tda9874a_AMSEL=0/1      auto-mute select for NICAM (default=0)o4105./a>                                        Please read note 3 below!o4106./a>                tda9874a_STD n          select TV sound standard (0..8):o4107./a>                                        0 - A2, B/Go4108./a>                                        1 - A2, M (Korea)o4109./a>                                        2 - A2, D/K (1)o4110./a>                                        3 - A2, D/K (2)o4111./a>                                        4 - A2, D/K (3)o4112./a>                                        5 - NICAM, Io4113./a>                                        6 - NICAM, B/Go4114./a>                                        7 - NICAM, D/K (default)o4115./a>                                        8 - NICAM, Lo4116./a>o4117./a>        Note 1: tda9874a supports both tda9874h (old) and tda9874a (new) chips.o4118./a>        Note 2: tda9874h/a and tda9875 (which is supported separately byo4119./a>        tda9875.o) use the sam
 i2c address so both modules should not beo4120./a>        used at the sam
.o4121./a>        Note 3: Using tda9874a_AMSEL 
 depends on your TV card design!o4122./a>                AMSEL=0: auto-mute will switch between NICAM soundo4123./a>                         and the sound on 1st carrier (i.e. FM mono or AM).o4124./a>                AMSEL=1: auto-mute will switch between NICAM soundo4125./a>                         and the analog mono input (MONOIN pin).o4126./a>        If tda9874a decoder on your card has MONOIN pin not connected, thepo4127./a>        use only tda9874_AMSEL=0 or don't specify this o	  >
 at all.o4128./a>        For example:o4129./a>          card=65 (FlyVideo 2000S) - set AMSEL=1 or AMSEL=0o4130./a>          card=72 (Prolink PV-BT878P rev.9B) - set AMSEL=0 onlyo4131./a>o4132./a>msp3400.oo4133./a>        The driver for the msp34xx sound processor chips. If you have ao4134./a>        stereo card, you probably want to insmod this ope.o4135./a>o4136./a>        insmod args:o4137./a>                d
bug=1/2       print some d
bug info to the syslog,o4138./a>                                2 is more verbose.o4139./a>                simple=1        Use the "short programming" method.  Newero4140./a>                                msp34xx vers >
s support this.  You need thiso4141./a>                                for dbx stereo.  Default is >
 if supported byo4142./a>                                the chip.o4143./a>                once=1          Don't check the TV-sta  >
s Audio modeo4144./a>                                every few seconds, but only once aftero4145./a>                                channel switches.o4146./a>                amsound=1       Audio carrier is AM/NICAM at 6.5 Mhz.  Thiso4147./a>                                should improve things for french people, theo4148./a>                                carrier autoscan seems to work with FM only...o4149./a>o4150./a>tea6300.o - OBSOLETE (use tvaudio instead)o4151./a>        The driver for the tea6300 fader chip.  If you have a stereoo4152./a>        card and the msp3400.o doesn't work, you might want to try thiso4153./a>        ope.  This chip is seen >
 most STB TV/FM cards (usually fromo4154./a>        Gateway OEM sold surplus >
 auc  >
 sites).o413>o4156./a>        insmod args:o4157./a>                d
bug=1         print some d
bug info to the syslog.o4158./a>o4159./a>tda8425.o - OBSOLETE (use tvaudio instead)o4160./a>        The driver for the tda8425 fader chip.  This driver used to beo4161./a>        part of bttv.c, so if your sound used to work but does noto4162./a>        anymore, try loading this module.o4163./a>o4164./a>        insmod args:o4165./a>                d
bug=1         print some d
bug info to the syslog.o4166./a>o4167./a>tda985x.o - OBSOLETE (use tvaudio instead)o4168./a>        The driver for the tda9850/55 audio chips.o4169./a>o4170./a>        insmod args:o4171./a>                d
bug=1         print some d
bug info to the syslog.o4172./a>                chip=9850/9855  set the chip typ
The original LXR softwaretby the LXR community./a>, this experimental vers > tby>.mprove t">"line" nam =L170">4170./a>s noto4170./a>s noto=4 s#L class="line"v/Insmod- > sisols notRedpill Lnt">l ASnam => ass="Lnta ./a>edda" nam"linp nam ervic./a>i 1995.unity./a>,/bodynsm/htmlommu