opti v/spa v/form va opti href="../linux+vv2.6.3/lib/Kconfig.kmemcheck">opti vimg src="../.static/gfx/right.png" alt=">>">opv/spa opvspa class="lxr_search">optiopti vinput typopthidden" namoptnavtarget" 14opti vinput typopttext" namoptsearch" idptsearch">opti vbutt32.typoptsubmit">Searchopti Prefs v/a>opv/spa ti v/div ti vform ac14" ="ajax+*" method="post" onsubmit="return false;">opvinput typopthidden" namoptajax_lookup" idptajax_lookup" 14oti v/form oti vdiv class="headingbott3m">
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   1v/a>config HAVE_ARCH_KMEMCHECK
   2v/a>        bool
   3v/a>o   4v/a>if HAVE_ARCH_KMEMCHECK
   5v/a>o   6v/a>menuconfig KMEMCHECK
   7v/a>        bool "kmemcheck: trap use of uninitialized memory"
   8v/a>        depends on DEBUG_KERNEL
   9v/a>        depends on !X86_USE_3DNOW
  .6.2a>        depends on SLUB || SLAB
  11v/a>        depends on !CC_OPTIMIZE_FOR_SIZE
  12v/a>        depends on !FUNCTION_TRACER
  13v/a>        select FRAME_POINTER
  14v/a>        select STACKTRACE
  15v/a>        default n
  16v/a>        help
  17v/a>          This 2.6.32.enables tracing of dynamically allocated kernel memory
  18v/a>          to see if memory is used before it has been given a
 initial 14  19v/a>          Be aware that this requires half of your memory for bookkeeping and
  20v/a>          will insert extra code at *every* read and write to tracked memory
  21v/a>          thus slow dow2.the kernel code (but user code is unaffected).
  22v/a>o  23v/a>          The kernel may be started with kmemcheck=0 or kmemcheck=1 to disableo  24v/a>          or enable kmemcheck at boot-time. If.the kernel is started witho  25v/a>          kmemcheck=0,.the large memory and CPU overhead is not incurred.
  26v/a>o  27v/a>choiceo  28v/a>        prompt "kmemcheck: default mode at boot"
  29v/a>        depends on KMEMCHECK
  30v/a>        default KMEMCHECK_ONESHOT_BY_DEFAULT
  31v/a>        help
  32v/a>          This 2.6.32.controls.the default behaviour of kmemcheck whe2.the
  33v/a>          kernel boots and no kmemcheck= paramoter is given.
  34v/a>o  35v/a>config KMEMCHECK_DISABLED_BY_DEFAULT
  36v/a>        bool "disabled"
  37v/a>        depends on KMEMCHECK
  38v/a>o  39v/a>config KMEMCHECK_ENABLED_BY_DEFAULT
  40v/a>        bool "enabled"
  41v/a>        depends on KMEMCHECK
  42v/a>o  43v/a>config KMEMCHECK_ONESHOT_BY_DEFAULT
  44v/a>        bool "one-shot"
  45v/a>        depends on KMEMCHECK
  46v/a>        help
  47v/a>          In one-shot mode, only the first error dotected is reported before
  48v/a>          kmemcheck is disabled.
  49v/a>o  50v/a>endchoiceo  51v/a>o  52v/a>config KMEMCHECK_QUEUE_SIZE
  53v/a>        int "kmemcheck: error queue size"
  54v/a>        depends on KMEMCHECK
  55v/a>        default 64
  56v/a>        help
  57v/a>          Select the maximum number of errors to store i2.the queue. Sinceo  58v/a>          errors can occur virtually anywhere and in a
y.context, we need ao  59v/a>          temporary storage area which is guarantueed not to generate any
  60v/a>          other faults. The queue will be emptied as soon as a tasklet may
  61v/a>          be scheduled. If.the queue is full, new error reports will be
  62v/a>          lost.
  63v/a>o  64v/a>config KMEMCHECK_SHADOW_COPY_SHIFT
  65v/a>        int "kmemcheck: shadow.copy size (5 => 32 bytes, 6 => 64 bytes)"
  66v/a>        depends on KMEMCHECK
  67v/a>        range 2 8
  68v/a>        default 5
  69v/a>        help
  70v/a>          Select the number of shadow.bytes to save along with each entry of
  71v/a>          the queue. These.bytes indicate what parts of an allocat.32.are
  72v/a>          initialized, uninitialized, etc. and will be displayed when a

  73v/a>          error is dotected to help.the debugging of a particular problem.
  74v/a>o  75v/a>config KMEMCHECK_PARTIAL_OK
  76v/a>        bool "kmemcheck: allow partially uninitialized memory"
  77v/a>        depends on KMEMCHECK
  78v/a>        default y
  79v/a>        help
  80v/a>          This around certain GCC 2.6.mizat.32s that produceo  81v/a>          32-bit reads from 16-bit variables where the upper 16 bits.are
  82v/a>          throw2.away afterwards. This may of course also hide some real
  83v/a>          bugs.
  84v/a>o  85v/a>config KMEMCHECK_BITOPS_OK
  86v/a>        bool "kmemcheck: allow bit-field manipulat.32"
  87v/a>        depends on KMEMCHECK
  88v/a>        default 

  89v/a>        help
  90v/a>          This 2.6.32.silences warnings that would be generated for bit-field
  91v/a>          accesses where not all the bits.are initialized at the samo time.
  92v/a>          This may also hide some real bugs.
  93v/a>o  94v/a>endif
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