on v14./spa 14./form 14.a on v14 href="../linux+vv3.0.2/drivers/zorro/Makefile">on v14.img src="../.static/gfx/right.png" alt=">>">on./spa class="lxr_search">on v ="+search" method="post" onsubmit="return do_search(this);">on v14.input typ hidden" nam navtarget" ion> ">on v14.input typ text" nam search" id search">on v14.buttopttyp submit">Searchon v14Prefs 14./a>on./spa v14 4./div v14 4.form ac > ="ajax+*" method="post" onsubmit="return false;">on.input typ hidden" nam ajax_lookup" id ajax_lookup" ion> ">o v14 4./form o v14 4.div class="headingbottom">
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4 41./a>#
4 42./a># Makefile for the Zorro bus specific drivers.
4 43./a>#
4 44./a>o4 45./a>obj-$(CONFIG_ZORRO)v14 4+= zorro.o zorro-driver.o zorro-sysfs.o nam
s.oo4 46./a>obj-$(CONFIG_PROC_FS)4 4+= proc.oo4 47./a>o4 48./a>hostprogs-y             := gen-devlisto4 49./a>o4 .10"a># Files generated that shall be removed upoptmake cleano4 11./a>clean-files := devlist.ho4 12./a>o4 13./a># Dependencies optgenerated files need to be listed explicitlyo4 14./a>$(obj)/nam
s.o: $(obj)/devlist.ho4 15./a>o4 16./a># And that's howed tgenerate

2v.120.1ion value=)ate
<  L7" class="line" nam
1  L7"14 47.quiet_cmd_j)/devl = DEVLIST $@a m.101
2v.120.1ion vale#L8" id1  L8" class="line" nam
1  L8"14 48.      cmd_j)/devl = ( cd.o: $(o; ./:= gen-devl ) < $<a m.101
2v.120.1ion vale#L9" id1  L9" class="line" nam
1  L9"19 14./a>$(obj)/devliss.o:mg )  
2v..ids.o: $(ob:= gen-devlistoo 4./div  
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