1config VHOST_NET
   2        tristate "Host kernel accelerator for virtio net"
   3        depends on NET && EVENTFD && (TUN || !TUN) && (MACVTAP || !MACVTAP)
   4        select VHOST_RING
   5        ---help---
   6          This kernel module can be loaded in host kernel to accelerate
   7          guest networking with virtio_net. Not to be confused with virtio_net
   8          module itself which needs to be loaded in guest kernel.
  10          To compile this driver as a module, choose M here: the module will
  11          be called vhost_net.
  13config VHOST_SCSI
  14        tristate "VHOST_SCSI TCM fabric driver"
  15        depends on TARGET_CORE && EVENTFD && m
  16        select VHOST_RING
  17        default n
  18        ---help---
  19        Say M here to enable the vhost_scsi TCM fabric module
  20        for use with virtio-scsi guests
  22config VHOST_RING
  23        tristate
  24        ---help---
  25          This option is selected by any driver which needs to access
  26          the host side of a virtio ring.
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