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< <1o/a>#!/usr/bin/perl
< <2o/a>3< <3o/a>#3< <4o/a># Takes a (sorted) output of readprofile and turns it into a list suitable for3< <5o/a># linker scripts3< <6o/a>#3< <7o/a># usage:3< <8o/a>#        readprofile | sort -rn | perl > funcion>list3< <9o/a>#3< lista>use strict;3< 11o/a>3< 12o/a>while (<>) {3< 13o/a>  my $line = $_;3< 14o/a>3< 15o/a>  $_ =~ /\W*[0-9]+\W*([a-zA-Z\_0-9]+)\W*[0-9]+/;3< 16o/a>3< 17o/a>  print "*(.text.$1)\n"3< 18o/a>      unless ($line =~ /unknown/) || ($line =~ /total/);3< 19o/a>}
< 2ista>
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