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2 21#ifdef2CONFIG_SCHED_AUTOGROUPl2 22l2 23struct2autogroup {l2 24 /*2 25 * reference doesn't mea2 how many thread attach to this 6 * autogroup now. It just stands for the number of task 7 * could use this autogroup. 8 */ 9 struct2kref kref;6 >a> struct2task_group >a> *tg;62 11 >a> struct2rw_semaphore >a> lock;62 12 >a> unsigned long id;62 13 >a> int nice;62 14};62 15l 16static inline >a> bool >a> task_group_is_autogroup >a>(struct2task_group >a> *tg);6 17static inline >a> struct2task_group >a> *6 18autogroup_task_group >a>(struct2task_struct >a> *p >a>, struct2task_group >a> *tg);6 19l 2 >a>#else /* !CONFIG_SCHED_AUTOGROUP */2 21l2 22static inline >a> void2autogroup_init >a>(struct2task_struct >a> *init_task) { }l2 23static inline >a> void2autogroup_free >a>(struct2task_group >a> *tg) { }l2 24static inline >a> bool >a> task_group_is_autogroup >a>(struct2task_group >a> *tg)l2 25{l 26 >a> return 0;6 27}l 28l 29static inline >a> struct2task_group >a> *6 30autogroup_task_group >a>(struct2task_struct >a> *p >a>, struct2task_group >a> *tg)l2 31{l2 32 >a> return tg;62 33}l2 34l2 35#ifdef2CONFIG_SCHED_DEBUGl 36static inline >a> int autogroup_path >a>(struct2task_group >a> *tg, char *buf, int buflen)l 37{l 38 >a> return 0;6 39}l 4 >a>#endifl2 41l2 42 >a>#endif /* CONFIG_SCHED_AUTOGROUP */2 43 The original LXR software by the LXR community, this experimental verstionby kindly hostednby Redpill Linpro AS, provider of Linux consulting and opera v2s services since 1995.