1i386 Micro Channel Architecture Support
   4MCA support is eiabled.16.4
  v2.6.12.6   4MCA suppor5 is eia5led.16.4
   a5M2="v5.6.1bus will havee" idkertxt#vari12.6 2.6_bus set, vae" idBIOS feaL2" ine" name="L4">   4MCA suppor6 is eia6led.16.4
   a6M2="v6.6.1bits a" cset properly (see 
e="ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor7 is eia7led.16.4 a7M2="v7.6.1how valu"ded="L/a>elu"d3/0).ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor8 is eia8led.16.4 a8M2="v8s="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor9 is eia9led.16.4 a9M2="v9s="lAdapter Ded="L/a>ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor10Channel 0Architecture Support 4MCA suppor1 Channel Architecture Support 4MCA suppor1========1===================== <1a hre1="DocT idideal 2.6 adapter ded="L/a>elu"d3/0 varoughe" iduse ofe" iine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor1Document1ation/mca.txt#L4" id="L14" cl1ss="lProgramm12.6 Oelect>S./lin registers. Generic fun"L/a>s for do vaine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor1t is eia1bled.16.4 a1>M2="12.6.1valu"haveebee 4MCA suppor15 is eia15led.16.4 a15M2="15.6.1Everyvalvaenee d to ded="L adapters and rarc (and wrid=) b7cfiguraL/a>ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor16 is eia16led.16.4 a16M2="16.6.1in/div4elu"" irt. A number ofe2.6-specific drivers alrarcyduseine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor17 is eia17led.16.4 a17M2="17.6.1valu. T idlueical prob629ode eadis likee" idfollowlva:ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor18 is eia18led.16.4 a18M2="18s="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor19 is eia19led.16.4 a19M2="19s="l #include <../.sMCA shformine" name="L2"> 2===========0Channel20Architecture Support <20M2="20s="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor2 Channel2 Architecture Support <2a hre21s="l unsign d char " n2, " n3, " n4, " n5mine" name="L2"> 2========================================= 2===========Document2ation/mca.txt#L4" id="L24" cl23s="l int slormine" name="L2"> 2===========t is eia2bled.16.4 a2>M2="24s="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor25 is eia25led.16.4 a25M2="25s="l if( 2.6_bus ) {ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor26 is eia26led.16.4 a26M2="26s="l slor = CA _fopd_adapter( ADAPTER_ID, 0 )mine" name="L2"> 2===========7 is eia27led.16.4 a27M2="27s="l if( slor == 2.6_NOTFOUND ) {ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor28 is eia28led.16.4 a28M2="28s="l kup" id-ENODEVmine" name="L2"> 2===========9 is eia29led.16.4 a29M2="29s="l }ine" name="L3"> 3 3 2==========3========3===================== <3a hre32s="l CA _..t_adapter_procfn( slor, dev_getin/d, dev )mine" name="L2"> 2==========3Documentaation/mca.txt#L4" id="L44" cl3ss="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor3t is eia3bled.16.4 a3>M2="34s="l /* rarc " idPOS registers. Most devicese="lyduse 2 and 3 */ine" name="L3"> 3 2==========36 is eia36led.16.4 a36M2="36s="l " n3 = CA _rarc_stored_" n( slor, 3 )mine" name="L2"> 2==========37 is eia37led.16.4 a37M2="37s="l " n4 = CA _rarc_stored_" n( slor, 4 )mine" name="L2"> 2==========38 is eia38led.16.4 a38M2="38s="l " n5 = CA _rarc_stored_" n( slor, 5 )mine" name="L2"> 2==========39 is eia39led.16.4 a39M2="39s="l } else {ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor40Channel40Architecture Support <40M2="40s="l kup" id-ENODEVmine" name="L2"> 2==========4 Channel4 Architecture Support <4a hre41s="l }ine" name="L3"> 3 4MCA supportDocument4ation/mca.txt#L4" id="L44" cl43s="l /* extra"L b7cfiguraL/a> from " n[2345] and set everyvalvaeup */ine" name="L3"> 3 4MCA suppor45 is eia45led.16.4 a45M2="45s="lLoada2.6 moduleseshould modify valu"to test that " idspecifi d IRQ andine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor46 is eia46led.16.4 a46M2="46s="lIO > s (plus whatever o" ir stuff) v4 4MCA suppor47 is eia47led.16.4 a47M2="47s="l9ode (a"Lually, smc-CA sc"has a sl="lxlydmo2629omplex example that ca>ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor48 is eia48led.16.4 a48M2="48s="lhandle a list ofeadapter ids).ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor49 is eia49led.16.4 a49M2="49s="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor50Channel50Architecture Support <50M2="50s="lKeep in mopd that deviceseshould never direcxlydaccess " idPOS registersine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor5 Channel5 Architecture Support <5a hre51s="l(via inb(), outb(), etc). While it's generally safe,"" irtelu"a smalline" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor5========5===================== <5a hre52s="lpo8a09ial for blowlvaeup hardwa" cwhen it's d3/0 at " idwrovae"ime.ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor5Document5ation/mca.txt#L4" id="L54" cl53s="lFur" irmo26,daccesslvaeadPOS register disa2.6u"a device tem > arily.ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor5t is eia5bled.16.4 a5>M2="54"DocT lu"lu"usually okay durlvaestartup, but do _you_ want to rely on it?ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor55 is eia55led.16.4 a55M2="55s="lDurlvaeini9ial b7cfiguraL/a>, CA _ini9() rarcs all " idPOS registersine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor56 is eia56led.16.4 a56M2="56.6.1into memo2y. CA _rarc_stored_" n()daccesses that data. CA _rarc_" n()ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor57 is eia57led.16.4 a57M2="57s="land CA _wrid=_" n()da" calso availa2.6 for (safer) direcxdPOS access,ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor58 is eia58led.16.4 a58M2="58.6.1but " iirduse lu"_h="lly_ discouraged. CA _wrid=_" n()dlu"particularlyine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor59 is eia59led.16.4 a59M2="59s="ldangerous, 16 itdlu"possl2.6 for adapters to be " vain inconsistenline" name="L2"> 2==========60Channel60Architecture Support <60M2="60s="l 4MCA suppor6 Channel6 Architecture Support <6a hre61s="lhardwa" , and buredness.ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor6========6===================== <6a hre62s="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor6Document6ation/mca.txt#L4" id="L64" cl63s="lUser level drivers (such 16 " idAGX X server) ca>duse /procMCA /pos toine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor6t is eia6bled.16.4 a6>M2="64"Docfopd adapters (see below).ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor65 is eia65led.16.4 a65M2="65s="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor66 is eia66led.16.4 a66M2="66.6.1Some 2.6 adapters ca>dalso be ded="L d via " idusual ISA-style deviceine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor67 is eia67led.16.4 a67M2="67s="lproblvae(many SCSI adapters, for example). T lu"s> ofe" lvaeis h="llyine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor68 is eia68led.16.4 a68M2="68.6.1discouraged. Perfecxlydgood in/div4elu"availa2.6 telllvaeyou what'sine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor69 is eia69led.16.4 a69M2="69.6.1vae" , so vae" 's no excuse for messlvaewith random IO > s. However,ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor70Channel70Architecture Support <70M2="70s="lwe 2.6 people still apprecispe any ISA-style driver that will workewithine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor7 Channel7 Architecture Support <7a hre71s="lour hardwa" . You take whateyou ca>dget...ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor7========7===================== <7a hre72s="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor7Document7ation/mca.txt#L4" id="L74" cl73s="lLevel-Trigger d Interruptsine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor7t is eia7bled.16.4 a7>M2="74"Documentation/mca.txt#L3" id=ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor75 is eia75led.16.4 a75M2="75s="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor76 is eia76led.16.4 a76M2="76.6.1Because 2.6 uses level-trigger d interrupts, a few problems a"iseewithine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor77 is eia77led.16.4 a77M2="77s="lwhatem="lx best be describ d 16 " idISA mopdset and its effecxse="ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor78 is eia78led.16.4 a78M2="78.6.1drivers. T isees> s ofeproblems a"e exp="L d to become less comma>easine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor79 is eia79led.16.4 a79M2="79.6.1mo262people use shar d IRQse=" PCI ma" ines.ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor80Channel80Architecture Support <80M2="80s="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor8 Channel8 Architecture Support <8a hre81s="lIn general, an interrupt must be acknowledged note="lydat " idICU (whichine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor8========8===================== <8a hre82s="llu"d3/0 automagicallydbye" idkertxt), but at " iddevice level. I"ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor8Document8ation/mca.txt#L4" id="L84" cl83s="lparticular, IRQ 0 must be id=et after ae"imer interrupt (now"d3/0 i"ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor8t is eia8bled.16.4 a8>M2="84"Doc
4MCA suppor85 is eia85led.16.4 a85M2="85"DocT i" cwe" calso problems with " id1.3.x floppy drivers, but that seemsine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor86 is eia86led.16.4 a86M2="86.6.1to haveebee 4MCA suppor87 is eia87led.16.4 a87M2="87s="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor88 is eia88led.16.4 a88M2="88.6.1IRQsea" calso shar a2.6, and most 2.6-specific deviceseshould b629odedine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor89 is eia89led.16.4 a89M2="89.6.1with shar d IRQsein mopd.ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor90Channel90Architecture Support <90M2="90s="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor9 Channel9 Architecture Support <9a hre91s="l/procMCA ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor9========9===================== <9a hre9="Documentatioine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor9Document9ation/mca.txt#L4" id="L94" cl9ss="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor9t is eia9bled.16.4 a9>M2="94s="l/procMCA elu"a direcxory b7ctainlvaevarious 2720s for adapters andine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor95 is eia95led.16.4 a95M2="95"Doco" ir stuff.ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor96 is eia96led.16.4 a96M2="96s="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor97 is eia97led.16.4 a97M2="97s="l /procMCA /pos Stra="lx listlvaeofePOS registersine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor98 is eia98led.16.4 a98M2="98s="l /procMCA /slor[1-8] In/div4e="eadapter in specific slorine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor99 is eia99led.16.4 a99M2="99s="l /procMCA /video Spor for integraL d videoine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor100Channel 00Architecture Support 4MCA suppor10 Channel 0 Architecture Support ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor10========10===================== <102M2=a02s="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor10Document10ation/mca.txt#L4" id="L103M2=a0ss="lSee Appendix A for a sample.ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor10t is eia10bled.16.4 a104M2=a04s="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor105 is eia105led.16.4 a105M2=a05s="lDevice drivers ca>deasilydadd " iirdown in/div4efun"L/a> forine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor106 is eia106led.16.4 a106M2=a06s="lspecific slors (includlvaeintegraL d 3/0s) via " iine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor107 is eia107led.16.4 a107M2=a07s="lCA _..t_adapter_procfn() call. Drivers that s > valu"a" cESDI, IBMine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor108 is eia108led.16.4 a108M2=a08s="lSCSI, and 3c523. If"a device lu"also a module, makids2" cthat " idprocine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor109 is eia109led.16.4 a109M2=a09s="lfun"L/a> lu"remov d in " idmoduleed.eanup. T lu"will requi" csxor vaine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor110Channel 0Architecture Support el"eadprivspe stru"L2" csomew irt. See " id3c523ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor11 Channel Architecture Support 4MCA suppor11========11===================== <11a hr112s="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor11Document11ation/mca.txt#L4" id="L114" c11ss="lYour lueical proc fun"L/a>"will eadicsome" lvaelikee" is:ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor11t is eia11bled.16.4 a11>M2=114s="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor115 is eia115led.16.4 a115M2=115s="l 4MCA suppor116 is eia116led.16.4 a116M2=116s="l dev_getin/d( char* buf, int slor, void* d ) {ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor117 is eia117led.16.4 a117M2=117s="l stru"L net_device* dev = (stru"L net_device*) dmine" name="L2"> 2==========118 is eia118led.16.4 a118M2=118s="l int le 2==========119 is eia119led.16.4 a119M2=119s="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor1=0Channel120Architecture Support <120M2=120s="l le 2==========12 Channel12 Architecture Support <12a hr121s="l le 2==========12========1====================== <1aa hr122s="l le : %#lx-%#lx\ &quorm, ... )mine" name="L2"> 2==========12Document12ation/mca.txt#L4" id="L124" c123s="l ...ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor1=t is eia12bled.16.4 a12>M2=124s="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor125 is eia125led.16.4 a125M2=125s="l kup" idle 2==========126 is eia126led.16.4 a126M2=126s="l }ine" name="L3"> 3 4MCA suppor128 is eia128led.16.4 a128M2=128s="lSome ofe" i ewill alrarcydbe "r vted, so don'tine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor1=9 is eia129led.16.4 a129M2=129s="lbo" ir repeatlvaeit. Don't try " vtlvaeindmo262than 3K ofein/div4.ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor1D0Channel130Architecture Support <130M2=130s="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor1D Channel13 Architecture Support <13a hr131s="lEna2.6 t lu"fun"L/a>"with:ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor13========13===================== <13a hr132s="l CA _..t_adapter_procfn( slor, dev_getin/d, dev )mine" name="L2"> 2==========13Document1aation/mca.txt#L4" id="L144" c13ss="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor13t is eia13bled.16.4 a13>M2=134s="lDisa2.6 itdwith:ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor135 is eia135led.16.4 a135M2=135s="l CA _..t_adapter_procfn( slor, NULL, NULL )mine" name="L2"> 2==========136 is eia136led.16.4 a136M2=136s="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor137 is eia137led.16.4 a137M2=137s="lIt lu"also recom> d that, eve>elfeyou don't wrid=eadproc fun"L/a>, toine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor138 is eia138led.16.4 a138M2=138s="l=et " i ppor ofe" i adapter (i.e.e&quormPS/2cESDI Controller&quorm) viaine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor139 is eia139led.16.4 a139M2=139s="lCA _..t_adapter_ppor( int slor, char* ppor ).ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor140Channel140Architecture Support <140M2=140s="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor14 Channel14 Architecture Support <14a hr141s="l2.6 Device Driversine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor14========14===================== <14a hr14="Documentation/mca.txtine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor14Document14ation/mca.txt#L4" id="L144" c14ss="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor14t is eia1bbled.16.4 a1>>M2=144s="lCurr ly, " irtea" ca number ofe2.6-specific device drivers.ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor145 is eia145led.16.4 a145M2=145s="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor146 is eia146led.16.4 a146M2=146s="l1) PS/2cSCSIine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor147 is eia147led.16.4 a147M2=147s="l drivers/scsi/ibmCA scine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor148 is eia148led.16.4 a148M2=148s="l drivers/scsi/ibmCA shine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor149 is eia149led.16.4 a149M2=149s="l T iddriver for " idIBM SCSI subsystem. Includes bo" eintegraL dine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor150Channel150Architecture Support <150M2=150s="l controllers and adapter cards. May idqui" ccom>and-ure ea"aine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor15 Channel15 Architecture Support <15a hr151s="l &quormibmCA scsi=io_ > &quorm to force ded="L/a>eofea"eadapter. If"you haveeaine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor15========15===================== <15a hr152s="l ma" ine with a front-patxt#display (i.e.emodxt#95),eyou ca>duseine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor15Document15ation/mca.txt#L4" id="L154" c153s="l &quormibmCA scsi=display&quorm to 6.12.6"a drivee;"> vityeindicator.ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor15t is eia15bled.16.4 a15>M2=154s="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor155 is eia155led.16.4 a155M2=155s="l2)d3c523ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor156 is eia156led.16.4 a156M2=156s="l drivers/net/3c523.cine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor157 is eia157led.16.4 a157M2=157s="l drivers/net/3c523.hine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor158 is eia158led.16.4 a158M2=158s="l 3Comd3c523 E" ir/opk/MC e" irnet driver.ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor159 is eia159led.16.4 a159M2=159s="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor160Channel160Architecture Support <160M2=160s="l3) SMC Ultra/2.6 and IBM Adapter/6ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor16 Channel16 Architecture Support <16a hr161s="l drivers/net/smc-CA scine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor16========16===================== <16a hr162s="l drivers/net/smc-CA shine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor16Document16ation/mca.txt#L4" id="L164" c163s="l Driver for " id2.6 vers/a>eofe" idSMC Ultra and various o" irine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor16t is eia16bled.16.4 a1 adap162="30s="l OCM' d 1nd work-alikeecards (Elid=, Adapter/6, etc).ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor165 is eia165led.16.4 a165M2=165s="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor166 is eia166led.16.4 a166M2=166.6.14) NE/2ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor167 is eia167led.16.4 a167M2=167s="l driver/net/ne2scine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor168 is eia168led.16.4 a168M2=168s="l driver/net/ne2shine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor169 is eia169led.16.4 a169M2=169s="l T idNE/2elu"" id2.6 vers/a>eofe" idNE2000. T lu"may noteworkine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor170Channel170Architecture Support <170M2=170s="l with cl3/0scthat haveea#differ eadapter id2than " idoriginaline" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor17 Channel17 Architecture Support <17a hr171s="l NE/2.ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor17========17===================== <17a hr172s="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor17Document17ation/mca.txt#L4" id="L174" c173s="l5) FuL2" cDomaind2.S-600/700, OCM'd IBM Fast SCSI Adapter/6 andine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor17t is eia17bled.16.4 a17>M2=172="30s="Reply Sound Blaster/SCSI (SCSI part)ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor175 is eia175led.16.4 a175M2=175s="l Better s > for " iseecards than " iddriver for ISA.ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor176 is eia176led.16.4 a176M2=176s="l lass="lu"multiple cards with IRQ sharlva.ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor177 is eia177led.16.4 a177M2=177s="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor178 is eia178led.16.4 a178M2=178.6.1Also a d boot time eofescsi-prob6, which ca>ddo reorderlvaeofine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor179 is eia179led.16.4 a179M2=179.6.1SCSI host adapters. T lu"will direcxd" idkertxt#on " idorder whichine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor180Channel180Architecture Support <180M2=180s="lSCSI adaptereshould b62ded="L d. Example:ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor18 Channel18 Architecture Support <18a hr181s="l scsi-prob6=ibmCA ,fd_mcs,adaptec1542,buslogicine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor18========18===================== <18a hr182s="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor18Document18ation/mca.txt#L4" id="L184" c183s="lT idserlal drivers we" cmodifi d to s > vae ext d IO > rangeine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor18t is eia18bled.16.4 a18>M2=184"Docofe" idlueical 2.6" ystem (also #ifdefd="70gG_2.6).ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor185 is eia185led.16.4 a185M2=185s="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor186 is eia186led.16.4 a186M2=186.6.1T idfollowlva deviceseworkewith existlvaedrivers:ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor187 is eia187led.16.4 a187M2=187s="l1) Token-r vaine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor188 is eia188led.16.4 a188M2=188.6.12) FuL2" cDomaindSCSI (2.S-600,d2.S-700, note2.S-350, OCM'eddIBM SCSI)ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor189 is eia189led.16.4 a189M2=189.6.13) Adaptecp1620dSCSI (on vae" idaha1542edriver)ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor190Channel190Architecture Support <190M2=190s="l4) Bustek/BuslogicdSCSI (various)ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor19 Channel19 Architecture Support <19a hr191s="l5) Probablydalt#L2"net cards.ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor19========19===================== <19a hr19="Doc6) Some,"possl2.ydalt, 2.6"IDE controllers.ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor19Document19ation/mca.txt#L4" id="L194" c19ss="l7) 3Comd3c529 (2.6 vers/a>eofe3c509) (p4 4MCA suppor19t is eia19bled.16.4 a19>M2=194s="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor195 is eia195led.16.4 a195M2=195"Doc8) Intel E" irExpressMC (p4)ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor196 is eia196led.16.4 a196M2=196s="l You nee to havee="70gG_2.6"defopt to haveeE" irExpressMC s > .ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor197 is eia197led.16.4 a197M2=197s="l9) Reply Sound Blaster/SCSI (SB part) (p4)ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor198 is eia198led.16.4 a198M2=198s="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor199 is eia199led.16.4 a199M2=199s="lBugs & O" ir Weirdnessine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor200Channel200Architecture Support <200M2=206.1ocumentation/mca.txa.txtine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor20 Channel20 Architecture Support <201M2=201s="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor20========20===================== <202M2=202s="lNMIs ten to occurewith 2.6"ma" ines because ofevarious hardwa" ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor20Document20ation/mca.txt#L4" id="L203M2=20ss="lweirdness, bus timeouts, and many o" ir non-critical " lvas. Some basicine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor20t is eia20bled.16.4 a204M2=204s="l9ode to handle " im (inspir d bye" idNetBSD 2.6"9ode)"has bee 4MCA suppor205 is eia205led.16.4 a205M2=205s="lded="L " idguilty device, but it's prettyein9omplete. If"NMIs a" caine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor206 is eia206led.16.4 a206M2=206s="lpers/stenl problem (a>esomeemodxt#70 ore80s, " iy occureevery"9oupleine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor207 is eia207led.16.4 a207M2=207s="lshellccom>ands),e" id="70gG_IGNORE_NMI flag"will take ca" cofe" a .ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor208 is eia208led.16.4 a208M2=208s="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor209 is eia209led.16.4 a209M2=209s="lVarious P ium"ma" ines haveehaddserlous problems with " idFPU test i"ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor210Channel2 0Architecture Support <2a0M2=2.6.1ocbugs.h. Basically, " idma" ine hang6 after " idHLT test. T lu"occurs,ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor21 Channel2 Architecture Support <2a1M2=211s="las far 16 widknow,#on " idP ium-dquipp d 85s, 95s, and someePC Servers.ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor21========21===================== <21a hr21="DocT idPCI/2.6 PC 750s a" cfre eas far 16 I ca>dtell. T i ``CA -p ium''ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor21Document21ation/mca.txt#L4" id="L214" c21ss="lboot-prompt flag"will disa2.6 " idFPU bug checkelfet lu"lu"a problemine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor21t is eia21bled.16.4 a21>M2=214s="lwith your ma" ine.ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor215 is eia215led.16.4 a215M2=215s="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor216 is eia216led.16.4 a216M2=216.6.1T idmodxt#80"has a raft ofeproblems that a" cjust too weird and uniqueine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor217 is eia217led.16.4 a217M2=217.6.1vodget into irt. Someepeople haveeno trou2.6 while o" irs haveeno" lvaine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor218 is eia218led.16.4 a218M2=218.6.1but problems. I'd suspect someeproblems a"e relaL d to " idage ofe" iine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor219 is eia219led.16.4 a219M2=219s="laverage#80"and ac9ompany vaehardwa" cded=rloraL/a>, althougheo" irsine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor2=0Channel220Architecture Support <220M2=220s="la" cdefini9ely design problems with " idhardwa" . Amovae" idproblemsine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor2= Channel22 Architecture Support <22a hr221s="linclude SCSI controllerdproblems,cESDI controllerdproblems,cand serlousine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor2================================ v2.alsoine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor2=Document22ation/mca.txt#L4" id="L224" c223s="lprettyeflaky. T i" cwe" cabout 5 ore6#differ emodxt#80"mo" irboardsine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor2=t is eia22bled.16.4 a22>M2=224s="lproduc d to fix various obsc2" cproblems. As far 16 I know,#it's prettyine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor2=5 is eia225led.16.4 a225M2=225s="lmuch impossl2.6 to tell which bugs"a particulardmodxt#80"has (o" ir thanine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor2=6 is eia226led.16.4 a226M2=226s="ltrigger vae" im, that is).ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor2=7 is eia227led.16.4 a227M2=227s="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor228 is eia228led.16.4 a228M2=228s="lDrivers a"e requi" d for some 2.6 memo2y adapters. If"you'" csu lyine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor2=9 is eia229led.16.4 a229M2=229s="lsh> a few megs ofeRAM,et lu"m="lx be " idreason. T i (I " lvk) Enhanc dine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor2D0Channel230Architecture Support <230M2=230s="lMemo2y Adapter comma>ly found on " idmodxt#70 lu"opt. Tae" 's a veryine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor2D Channel23 Architecture Support <23a hr231s="lalphaddriver floatlvaearound, but it's prettyeugly (disassem2.6 4MCA suppor2D=========3===================== <23a hr232s="l" idDOSddriver,dacLually). See " id2.6 L./.scweb page#(URL below)ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor2DDocument2aation/mca.txt#L4" id="L244" c23ss="lfor mo2629urr memo2y in/d.ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor23t is eia23bled.16.4 a23>M2=234s="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor235 is eia235led.16.4 a235M2=235"DocT i T lnkpadd700"and 720 will work, but various 9ompoptnts a" cei" irine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor236 is eia236led.16.4 a236M2=236s="lnon-fun"L/a>al, flaky, orewiddon't know any" lvaeabout " im. Taeine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor237 is eia237led.16.4 a237M2=237s="lgraphics controllerdlu"s >s d to be some WD, but we can't get " lvasine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor238 is eia238led.16.4 a238M2=238s="lworklvaeproperly. T i PCMCIA slors don't seem to work. Ditto for APM.ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor239 is eia239led.16.4 a239M2=239s="lT idserlal s="lu"work, but ded="L/a>eseems to be flaky.ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor240Channel240Architecture Support <240M2=240s="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor24 Channel24 Architecture Support <24a hr241s="lC" ditsine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor24========24===================== <24a hr24="Documentatine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor24Document24ation/mca.txt#L4" id="L244" c24ss="lA who.6 pile ofepeople haveecontribut d to " id2.6"9ode. I'd includeine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor24t is eia2bbled.16.4 a2>>M2=242.6.1vaiirdn> s ae" , but I don't haveea#list handy. Checke" id2.6 L./.sine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor245 is eia245led.16.4 a245M2=245s="lhomeepage#(URL below) for a perpetually out-of-dspe list.ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor246 is eia246led.16.4 a246M2=246s="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor247 is eia247led.16.4 a247M2=247s="lumentation/mca.txt#L3" id="L3" class="llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllline" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor248 is eia248led.16.4 a248M2=248s="l2.6 L./.scHomeePage: onclick="http://www.dgmtion.9omMCA /">http://www.dgmtion.9omMCA /s="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor249 is eia249led.16.4 a249M2=249s="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor250Channel250Architecture Support <250M2=250s="lChristop idBea2" gardine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor25 Channel25 Architecture Support <25a hr251s="lchrisb@truespectra.9omine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor25========25===================== <25a hr252s="lcpbea2" @calum.csclub.uwsperlon.9aine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor25Document25ation/mca.txt#L4" id="L254" c25ss="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor25t is eia25bled.16.4 a25>M2=254"Documentation/mca.txt#L3" id="L3" class="llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllline" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor255 is eia255led.16.4 a255M2=255s="lAppendix A: Spople /procMCA ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor256 is eia256led.16.4 a256M2=256s="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor257 is eia257led.16.4 a257M2=257s="lT lu"lu"from mydmodxt#8595. Slor 1 b7ctainse" i 4MCA suppor258 is eia258led.16.4 a258M2=258s="ladapter,dslor 3 AdaptecpAHA-1620,dslor 5"lu"a XGA-1 video adapter,ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor259 is eia259led.16.4 a259M2=259s="land slor 7elu"" id3c523 E" ir/opk/MC.ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor260Channel260Architecture Support <260M2=260s="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor26 Channel26 Architecture Support <26a hr261s="l/procMCA /ma" ine:ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor26========26===================== <26a hr262s="lModxt#Id: 0xf8ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor26Document26ation/mca.txt#L4" id="L264" c263s="lSubmodxt#Id: 0x14ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor26t is eia26bled.16.4 a2 adap262="30BIOS Revis/a>: 0x5ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor265 is eia265led.16.4 a265M2=265s="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor266 is eia266led.16.4 a266M2=266.6.1/procMCA /pos:ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor267 is eia267led.16.4 a267M2=267s="lSlor 1: ff 8e f1 fc a0 ff ff ff dIBM SCSI Adapter w/Ca" eine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor268 is eia268led.16.4 a268M2=268s="lSlor 2: ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor269 is eia269led.16.4 a269M2=269s="lSlor 3: 1f 0f 81 3b bf b6 ff ff ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor270Channel270Architecture Support <270M2=270s="lSlor 4: ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor27 Channel27 Architecture Support <27a hr271s="lSlor 5: db 8f 1d 5e fd c0 00 00 ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor27========27===================== <27a hr272s="lSlor 6: ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor27Document27ation/mca.txt#L4" id="L274" c273s="lSlor 7: 42 60 ff 08 ff ff ff ff 3Comd3c523 E" ir/opk/MCine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor27t is eia27bled.16.4 a27>M2=272="30Slor 8: ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor275 is eia275led.16.4 a275M2=275s="lVideo : ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor276 is eia276led.16.4 a276M2=276s="lSCSI : ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor277 is eia277led.16.4 a277M2=277s="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor278 is eia278led.16.4 a278M2=278.6.1/procMCA /slor1:ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor279 is eia279led.16.4 a279M2=279s="lSlor: 1ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor280Channel280Architecture Support <280M2=280s="lAdapter Npor:dIBM SCSI Adapter w/Ca" eine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor28 Channel28 Architecture Support <28a hr281s="lId: 8effine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor28========28===================== <28a hr282s="lEna2.6d: Yesine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor28Document28ation/mca.txt#L4" id="L284" c283s="lPOS: ff 8e f1 fc a0 ff ff ff ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor28t is eia28bled.16.4 a28>M2=284"DocSubsystem PUN: 7ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor285 is eia285led.16.4 a285M2=285s="lDed="L d at boot: Yesine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor286 is eia286led.16.4 a286M2=286s="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor287 is eia287led.16.4 a287M2=287s="l/procMCA /slor3:ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor288 is eia288led.16.4 a288M2=288s="lSlor: 3ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor289 is eia289led.16.4 a289M2=289.6.1Adapter Npor:dUnknownine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor290Channel290Architecture Support <290M2=290s="lId: 0f1fine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor29 Channel29 Architecture Support <29a hr291s="lEna2.6d: Yesine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor29========29===================== <29a hr29="DocPOS: 1f 0f 81 3b bf b6 ff ff ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor29Document29ation/mca.txt#L4" id="L294" c29ss="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor29t is eia29bled.16.4 a29>M2=294s="l/procMCA /slor5:ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor295 is eia295led.16.4 a295M2=295"DocSlor: 5ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor296 is eia296led.16.4 a296M2=296s="lAdapter Npor:dUnknownine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor297 is eia297led.16.4 a297M2=297s="lId: 8fdbine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor298 is eia298led.16.4 a298M2=298s="lEna2.6d: Yesine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor299 is eia299led.16.4 a299M2=299s="lPOS: db 8f 1d 5e fd c0 00 00 ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor300Channel300Architecture Support <300M2=300s="line" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor30 Channel30 Architecture Support <301M2=301s="l/procMCA /slor7:ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor30========30===================== <302M2=302"DocSlor: 7ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor30Document30ation/mca.txt#L4" id="L303M2=30ss="lAdapter Npor:d3Comd3c523 E" ir/opk/MCine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor30t is eia30bled.16.4 a304M2=304s="lId: 6042ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor305 is eia305led.16.4 a305M2=305s="lEna2.6d: Yesine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor306 is eia306led.16.4 a306M2=306s="lPOS: 42 60 ff 08 ff ff ff ff ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor307 is eia307led.16.4 a307M2=307s="lRevis/a>: 0xeine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor308 is eia308led.16.4 a308M2=308.6.1IRQ: 9ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor309 is eia309led.16.4 a309M2=309s="lIO Address: 0x3300-0x3308ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor310Channel3 0Architecture Support <3a0M2=310s="lMemo2y: 0xd8000-0xdbfffine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor31 Channel3 Architecture Support <3a1M2=311s="lTransceiver: Externaline" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor31========31===================== <31a hr31="DocDevice: eth0ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor31Document31ation/mca.txt#L4" id="L314" c31ss="lHardwa" cAddress: 02 60 8c 45 c4 2 ine" name="L4"> 4MCA suppor31t is eia31bled.16.4 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