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p p1t/a>Email clients info for Linux p p2t/a>====================================================================== p p3t/a> p p4t/a>GeneralpPreferences p p5t/a>---------------------------------------------------------------------- p p6t/a>Patches for the Linux kernel are submitted via email, preferably as p p7t/a>inline text in the body of the email. Some maintainers accept p p8t/a>attachments, but then the attachments should have content-typv p p9t/a>"text/plain". However, attachments are generally frowned upvalbecausv p /opta>it makes quoting porn> s of the patch more difficult in the patch p 11t/a>review process. p 12t/a> p 13t/a>Email clients that are usvd for Linux kernel patches should send the p 14t/a>patch text untouched. For example, they should not modify or delete tabs p 15t/a>or spaces, even at the beginning or end of lines. p 16t/a> p 17t/a>Don't send patches with "format=flowed". This ca causv unexpected p 18t/a>and unwanted line breaks. p 19t/a> p 20t/a>Don't let your email client do autvman>c word wrapping for you. p 21t/a>This ca also corrupt your patch. p 22t/a> p 23t/a>Email clients should not modify the characner set encoding of the text. p 24t/a>Emailed patches should be in ASCII or UTF-8 encoding only. p 25t/a>If you configure your email client to send emails with UTF-8 encoding, p 26t/a>you avoid some possible charset problems. p 27t/a> p 28t/a>Email clients should generate and maintain References: or In-Reply-To: p 29t/a>headers so that mail threading is not broken. p 30t/a> p 31t/a>Copy-and-paste (or cut-and-paste) usually does not work for patches p 32t/a>becausv tabs are converted to spaces. Using xclipboard, xclip, and/or p 33t/a>xcutsel may work, but it's best to test this for yourself or just avoid p 34t/a>copy-and-paste. p 35t/a> p 36t/a>Don't usv PGP/GPG signatures in mail that contains patches. p 37t/a>This breaks many scripts that read and apply the patche="v4.42.6<22<1" > v3.12.6<22 L10" tiod8" cl3ss="l(ine" p 24t/a>Emfixaome.)d and apply the patche="v4.42.6<22<1" > v> /emai3-clients.txt#L29" id4.L39" cl3ss="line" namv4.L19">p 19t/a> /emai4-clients.txt#L31" id4.L41" cl41s="line"suc.L11fu (ory scriine>Don&#cutsquoti#cutsa>Ef porre y0">p 4.L24">igu>Email clients info for Linux plistead and apply the patche="v4.42.6<22<1" > 4> /emai4-clients.txt#L33" id4.L43" cl4ass="line" namv4.L3">p p3t/a> p p3t/a> /emai4-clients.txt#L36" id4.L46" cl46ss="line" namv4.L5">p p5t/a>---------------------------------------------------------------------- pine"se y0">------------------------ p p6t/a>Patcquot;esehes f/a>Emeaonfigub>p 3texttl patches should send the 5> /emai5-clients.txt#L30" id4.L50" cl5ss="line" namv4.L30">p 30t/a> /emai5-clients.txt#L32" id4.L52" cl5ss="lTUI =cner -baEmai.L3rt uld ftaberences: or In-Reply-To: /ema5il-clients.txt#L4" id4.54" cl54ss="line" namv4.L3">p p3t/a> p p3t/a> p (TUI)d and apply the patche="v4.42.6<22<1" > 5> /emai5-clients.txt#L37" id4.L57" cl5ss="line" namv4.L27">p 27t/a> /emai5-clients.txt#L29" id4.L59" cl5ss="lIe patcwith &Se y0">pmv4.L4">p pwith &"seop ptferences: or In-Reply-To: p 30t/a> penaomeor yourself or just avoid with &"mt thb>pdisaomeor yourself or just avoid p p3t/a> Empltabd whenehpatch more difficult in the patch pbst;.ifripts that id4.e difficult in the patch 6> /emai6-clients.txt#L37" id4.L67" cl6ss="line" namv4.L27">p 27t/a> p 27t/a> p p3t/a> pmv4.L4">p6pwith6&"seoEvolu42.6<(G> 5> /emai5-clients.txt#L37" id4.L57" cl5ss7"line" n7mv4.L30">p 30t/a> ESe y Fches Ter7with 71ork for ppeoumeturesor jua>Ef porre y0f="Document 6> /emai6-clients.txt#L37" id4.L67" cl6ss7"l-cwith7&St7t/ Whik, tab BEf p7rSe y7umentan> /email-clients.txt#L23" id4.L23" class7="line" 7amv4.L3">p p3t/a> Empltabd wtchesa o:Reply. Than> /email-clients.txt#L23" id4.L23" class7="Wp8t/ 7teo convpatcmL11agealie7tsbes7ne" 2 usv m sho Th- >Hen. eply. Thing (Ctrl-7 5> /emai5-clients.txt#L37" id4.L57" cl5ss7"l" 24t/7y sear Usinp p8t/p39; c7nvCTR75e" 2 uigub>p toolbatan> /email-clients.txt#L33" id4.L33" class7="igutur7r theworkatcmL11agead a7d app7umentan> /email-clients.txt#L17" id4.L17" class7line" nammv4.L7">p p7t/a>inline tf="Do7any scr/a>ureta6> /emai6-clients.txt#L30" id4.L60" cl6ss7elin4.L272.6<1/sferences: or In-7eply-78e" 2 uIche="- >st a Fent... (Alt-n x 5> /emai5-clients.txt#L37" id4.L57" cl5ss7"lIe pat7with &Se y0">pmv4.L4">p7pwith79 the patche="vhref="Doc 6> /emai6-clients.txt#L37" id4.L67" cl6ss8"line" n8mv4.L30">p 30t/a> ESe y Fches Ter8with 81ork Yemaiur patchavoid atch -Nru old.c new.c |href="avoid ,sa oReply. Thmore na6> /emai6-clients.txt#L31" id4.L61" cl61s8"l-cwith8&St7t/ Whik, tab BEf p8rSe y82s f/a>ste)">igu6<22 /emai6-clients.txt#L37" id4.L67" cl6ss8="line" 8amv4.L3">p p3t/a> p p3t/a> 5> /emai5-clients.txt#L37" id4.L57" cl5ss8="igutur8r theworkatcmL11agead a8d app8umentan> /email-clients.txt#L17" id4.L17" class8line" na8mv4.L7">p p7t/a>inline 8f="Do87ork for ppeoumeturesKtchesa>Ef porre y0f="Document 6> /emai6-clients.txt#L37" id4.L67" cl6ss8line" nammv4.L8">p p8t/a>attachmeeply-88mentan> /email-clients.txt#L17" id4.L17" class8"lIe pat8with &Se y0">pmv4.L4">p8pwith89ny scr/ defaa hrsetta href=nd tEmpltabd win HTML hret;.ropriate; wrand an> /email-clients.txt#L9" id4.L9" class="l"line" n9mv4.L30">p 30t/a> ESe y Fches Ter9with 91mentan> /email-clients.txt#L17" id4.L17" class9"l-cwith9&St7t/ Whik, tab BEf p9rSe y92e" 24t/a>Empltabd wur as /email-clients.txt#L17" id4.L17" class9="line" 9amv4.L3">p p3t/a> /email-clients.txt#L9" id4.L9" class="l"l" 24t/9y sear Usinp p8t/p39; c9nvCTR95e" 2way arous thahrei="DocEmpltat to send ema">iguyou. /email-clients.txt#L9" id4.L9" class="l="igutur9r theworkatcmL11agead a9d app96ng porna sthdraft. Onct to pre .L24up ag In-sv m to sedrafts.L24href=we /emai6-clients.txt#L33" id4.L63" cl6as9line" na9mv4.L7">p p7t/a>inline 9f="Do97ork you.-igout ltabd wheneexistenta43.12.6<24 L10" tio48" cl48s9line" na9mv4.L8">p p8t/a>attachm9eply-98ment /email-clients.txt#L24" id4.L24" class9line" nammv4.L9">p p9t/a>"tepwith9umenta4> /emai4-clients.txt#L30" id4.L40" cl4ss10"line" nammv4.L10">p /opta>it makesf="Desf.42.6 end ofp 11t/a>review 01="Des1 the bhe="bd wf="Documen: brokee hype ns (---)tan> /email-clients.txt#L19" id4.L19" class=0"line" na0mv4.L12">p 12t/a> p 13t/a>Email c03="Des3ny scr/a>sv m tferences:M1" > avoid /emai6-clients.txt#L37" id4.L67" cl6ss10"line" na0mv4.L14">p 14t/a>patch t04="Des4readAretn addl pbonustyemaiur cusdivise.6<22<1" > cre.42.6 /emai6-clients.txt#L37" id4.L67" cl6ss10"line" na0mv4.L15">p 15t/a>or spac05="Des5oti#cutspments cavoid tche="vmentavoid /emai6-clients.txt#L37" id4.L67" cl6ss10"line" na0mv4.L16">p 16t/a> p 17t/a>Donགྷ="Des7ork Make.6<22ts cEmpltatra">nd=wewid"Docoughading is noocumen /email-clients.txt#L17" id4.L17" class=0"line" na0mv4.L18">p 18t/a>and unw08="Des8mentKM ema1optio (KDE 4.5.4), KM emawille">p p 19t/a> nd=w. Havef="wou. /email-clients.txt#L11" id4.L11" class=""line" naamv4.L10">p /opta>it makees qu1ting pDocumentref="DocOocumenp 11t/a>review p1="Dess. nd=wevernewid"Dnfo for Linux an> /email-clients.txt#L17" id4.L17" class1="line" naamv4.L12">p 12t/a> /email-clients.txt#L17" id4.L17" class1="line" naamv4.L13">p 13t/a>Email cclien11umenta6n> /ema6il-clients.txt#L4" id4.64" cl64s1="line" naamv4.L14">p 14t/a>patch ttext 1ntouchYemaiur safe 4.mail tha hen the attachmen body dof the shref="Drl patca6n> /ema6il-clients.txt#L4" id4.64" cl64s1="line" naamv4.L15">p 15t/a>or spacces, 1ven atin ASCII o wrand .mail tha ainms acthaux /email-clients.txt#L18" id4.L18" class=="line" naamv4.L16">p 16t/a> sv m tfeir 7-bitext. /emai6-clients.txt#L37" id4.L67" cl6ss1="line" naamv4.L17">p 17t/a>DonƏt s11umenta/emai5-ption7">p 27t/a> p 18t/a>and unwwante1 line our emaabsolu4e 4.a hre"format=a sterally frowtchtpatcef= bodyux an> /email-clients.txt#L17" id4.L17" class1="line" naamv4.L19">p 19t/a> /email-clients.txt#L12" id4.L12" class=""line" naamv4.L20">p 20t/a>DonĿt l1t yourh;≷>s&"mt thuggelf pping for Docplayavoid < pamake.6<22 have conte body dofoan> /email-clients.txt#L12" id4.L12" class=""line" naamv4.L21">p 21t/a>This c1a al1o corrmake.orn> forref=" > an> /email-clients.txt#L12" id4.L12" class=""line" nammv4.L12">p 12t/a> p 23t/a>Email 1clien123e" 24t/a>savef="a href="D is afor Lirna s body dof th,sa oR DocatchesD isan> /email-clients.txt#L23" id4.L23" class1="line" naamv4.L24">p 24t/a>Emaile1d pat12e. 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