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L1" class="line" namn>
L1">. .11/a>This paramnter allows the user to set the link (interface) power management.

L2" class="line" namn>
L2">. .21/a>There are 3 possible 2"

L3" class="line" namn>
L3">. .31/a>t
L4" class="line" namn>
L4">. .41/a>Vtion                   Effectt
L5" class="line" namn>
L5">. .51/a>----------------------------------------------------------------------------t
L6" class="line" namn>
L6">. .61/a>min_power               Tell the controller to try to make the link use thet
L7" class="line" namn>
L7">. .71/a>                        least possible power when possible.  This mayt
L8" class="line" namn>
L8">. .81/a>                        sacrifice some performance don to increased latencyt
L9" class="line" namn>
L9">. .91/a>                        when coming out of lower power sta

L10" class="line" namn>
L10">. 18.1a>t
L11" class="line" namn>
L11">. 111/a>max_performance         Generally, this means no power management.  Tellt
L12" class="line" namn>
L12">. 121/a>                        the controller to have performance be a priorityt
L13" class="line" namn>
L13">. 131/a>                        over power management.

L14" class="line" namn>
L14">. 14.1a>t
L15" class="line" namn>
L15">. 151/a>medium_power            Tell the controller to enter a lower power sta
L16" class="line" namn>
L16">. 161/a>                        when possible, but do not enter the lowest powert
L17" class="line" namn>
L17">. 171/a>                        sta
e, thus improving latency over min_power setting.

L18" class="line" namn>
L18">. 18.1a>t
L19" class="line" namn>
L19">. 19.1a>t
L20" class="line" namn>
L20">. 28.1a>
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