1Behaviour of Cards Under Multicast
   4This is how they currently behave, not what the hardware can do--for example,
   5the Lance driver doesn't use its filter, even though the code for loading
   6it is in the DEC Lance-based driver.
   8The following are requirements for multicasting 
  10AppleTalk       Multicast       hardware filtering not important but
  11                                 avoid cards only doing promisc
  12IP-Multicast    Multicast       hardware filters really help
  13IP-MRoute       AllMulti        hardware filters are of no help
  16Board           Multicast       AllMulti        Promisc         Filter
  183c501           YES             YES             YES             Software
  193c503           YES             YES             YES             Hardware
  203c505           YES             NO              YES             Hardware
  213c507           NO              NO              NO              N/A
  223c509           YES             YES             YES             Software
  233c59x           YES             YES             YES             Software
  24ac3200          YES             YES             YES             Hardware
  25apricot         YES             PROMISC         YES             Hardware
  26arcnet          NO              NO              NO              N/A
  27at1700          PROMISC         PROMISC         YES             Software
  28atp             PROMISC         PROMISC         YES             Software
  29cs89x0          YES             YES             YES             Software
  30de4x5           YES             YES             YES             Hardware
  31de600           NO              NO              NO              N/A
  32de620           PROMISC         PROMISC         YES             Software
  33depca           YES             PROMISC         YES             Hardware
  34dmfe            YES             YES             YES             Software(*)
  35e2100           YES             YES             YES             Hardware
  36eepro           YES             PROMISC         YES             Hardware
  37eexpress        NO              NO              NO              N/A
  38ewrk3           YES             PROMISC         YES             Hardware
  39hp-plus         YES             YES             YES             Hardware
  40hp              YES             YES             YES             Hardware
  41hp100           YES             YES             YES             Hardware
  42ibmtr           NO              NO              NO              N/A
  43ioc3-eth        YES             YES             YES             Hardware
  44lance           YES             YES             YES             Software(#)
  45ne              YES             YES             YES             Hardware
  46ni52            <------------------ Buggy ------------------>
  47ni65            YES             YES             YES             Software(#)
  48seeq            NO              NO              NO              N/A
  49sgiseek         <------------------ Buggy ------------------>
  50smc-ultra       YES             YES             YES             Hardware
  51sunlance        YES             YES             YES             Hardware
  52tulip           YES             YES             YES             Hardware
  53wavelan         YES             PROMISC         YES             Hardware
  54wd              YES             YES             YES             Hardware
  55xirc2ps_cs      YES             YES             YES             Hardware
  56znet            YES             YES             YES             Software
  59PROMISC = This multicast mode is in fact promiscuous mode. Avoid using
  60cards who go PROMISC on any multicast in a multicast kernel.
  62(#) = Hardware multicast support is not used yet.
  63(*) = Hardware support for Davicom 9132 chipset only.
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