1The driver for the HFC-PCI and HFC-PCI-A chips from CCD may be used
   2for many OEM cards using this chips.
   3Additionally the driver has a special feature which makes it possible
   4to read the echo-channel of the isdn bus. So all frames in both directions
   5may be logged.
   6When the echo logging feature is used the number of available B-channels
   7for a HFC-PCI card is reduced to 1. Of course this is only relevant to
   8the card, not to the isdn line.
   9To activate the echo mode the following ioctls must be entered:
  11hisaxctrl <driver/cardname> 10 1
  13This reduces the available channels to 1. There must not be open connections
  14through this card when entering the command.
  15And then:
  17hisaxctrl <driver/cardname> 12 1
  19This enables the echo mode. If Hex logging is activated the isdnctrlx 
  20devices show a output with a line beginning of HEX: for the providers
  21exchange and ECHO: for isdn devices sending to the provider.
  23If more than one HFC-PCI cards are installed, a specific card may be selected
  24at the hisax module load command line. Supply the load command with the desired
  25IO-address of the desired card. 
  27There tree cards installed in your machine at IO-base addresses 0xd000, 0xd400 
  28and 0xdc00
  29If you want to use the card at 0xd400 standalone you should supply the insmod
  30or depmod with type=35 io=0xd400.
  31If you want to use all three cards, but the order needs to be at 0xdc00,0xd400,
  320xd000 you may give the parameters type=35,35,35 io=0xdc00,0xd400,0xd00 
  33Then the desired card will be the initialised in the desired order.
  34If the io parameter is used the io addresses of all used cards should be 
  35supplied else the parameter is assumed 0 and a auto search for a free card is
  36invoked which may not give the wanted result. 
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